RADiqle™,is a cloud-based Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution that provides Health Systems with a compelling alternative to manage Medical Images. Seamless, Secure, Simple and Flexible – it is a radical approach to Healthcare that transforms the medical image management for health systems.

There are two global trends: People are living longer and the number of people having access to healthcare is increasing. This means more Patient data and most of this Patient data is medical images. Traditionally, each health-system would independently manage images using their own PACS solution. It is common for different specialties within the same Heath System to have their own PACS – the result is Images become isolated, as different storage vendors can use different Image types or formats, making it difficult to share information. As more images are stored, PACS runs out of space, and as a result a new PACS is needed, involving another round of expensive capital investment and costly data migration. As health systems grow, you often find them struggling with IT costs associated with managing multiple systems and image types.

Multiple PACS+ Tethered Images+ Finite Storage + No Collaboration = High Cost and Low Quality of Care.

RADiqleTM is secure, robust and cost effective and will unlock images from the PACS “vault” and free them for collaboration and sharing. This translates to a more informed Physician resulting in improved Quality of Care for the Patient.


How is RADiqleTM different?

RADiqleTM unifies departments and their images, creating a central image storage repository on the cloud, with an intuitive user interface providing the capability to share images and make available all patient information at all times. RADiqleTM provides the ability for a care center to manage their images across different operating systems, different formats, and not have to depend on individual storage vendors. In other words, it means that all patient images, irrespective of its modality they were taken from, can now be centrally managed and in turn, made available back to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). With a pay as you go revenue model and elastic cloud storage, RADiqleTM offers a compelling alternative.


RADiqleTM resides on a secure HIPAA compliant Cloud Data center with best of breed dual encryption and fault tolerance technology. With a 99.9999 % uptime, RADiqleTM ensures information is accessible at all times.

RADiqleTM is built on best-in-class technology platform that provides a rich and intuitive user friendly interface. Information can be accessed from any secure internet enabled device including tablets, phones and PCs.RADiqleTM offers a compelling alternative for health systems to manage their medical images needs.


Is Cloud based VNA Safe?

The WSJ says that about 15% of health-care systems in the U.S. are using cloud-based storage for images, according to consulting firm Accenture which estimates that more than half of the country’s health systems will use cloud storage for medical imaging in the next three years. Just like online banking Healthcare Cloud will soon become the new normal.