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USAS Technologies is a global IT company that provides business technology solutions. Our commitment is to provide fully integrated, cost effective solutions, with an emphasis on high quality and surpassing customer and industry standards.


Strategic Business Planning with IT Consulting Serv


Enterprise software solutions


Products and solutions that provides measurable business value

ABOUT USAS Technologies

USAS Technologies, LLC is an IT Services Company that designs, develops and implements enterprise software solutions with specific focus on Healthcare and Financial Services. USAS Technologies also provides staffing solutions to support the implementation and execution of technology solutions. USAS Technologies is primarily engaged in data analytics, data integration and data transformation domains and helps its clients with holistic data intelligence solutions.

The Mission of USAS Technologies is to enable Companies drive Business Innovation leveraging Technology.

USAS Technologies strives to be a partner to our Clients and provide them with the products and solutions that provides measurable business value. The USAS Team is committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and our professional and business conduct.


IT Consulting

Strategic Business Planning with IT Consulting Services.

Software Development

From Large Scale to Small , We Build Efficient Software’s.

App Development

Intuitive, interactive, affordable and completely user satisfactory applications.

Web Development

Exclusive,Professional, Budget Friendly websites.

Digital Marketing

Creative and Unique strategies of digital marketing to ensure maximum growth.

Dedicated Resources

Engage quality and right resources for quality output



We partner with healthcare organizations to transform, innovate and optimize to build tomorrow’s healthcare enterprise. We enable our clients to harness new technologies to inject business intelligence, seamless communication and collaboration and drive outcomes in affordability, patient-centricity and preventive care for tomorrow.

Transportation Logistics

Transportation Logistics impacts all facets of the American Economy. Driving efficiency in Transportation has ripples across all industries from the food on the table to the clothes we wear to the office equipment we use. Our GPS-enabled Cloud-based ProduceLogixTM Platform is a breakthrough product that currently manages more than 500, 000 transactions annually.

P&C Insurance

Today’s Insurance Enterprise is struggling to catch-up with Technology and break its dependence on silo driven Excel spreadsheets to run their business.

Whether it is Regulatory Compliance, Statutory Reporting, Bordereaux Automation, Loss Management, Data Standardization and Legacy Integration - we provide compelling solutions across the entire P&C data value chain



ProduceLogixTM, developed by USAS Technologies, is a Cloud-based web-enabled Transportation Logistics Management platform that handles full lifecycle transportation management.

Currently ProduceLogixTM handles more than 100,000 transactions in a year. ProduceLogixTM is a totally integrated solution that allows management of all aspects of inbound and outbound transportation network. Users have the ability to manage and control inbound / outbound orders, optimize loads, select the best carriers, tender the shipments, manifest parcel, LTL, TL, track the progress and manage claims.


What is RAVE? RAVE, developed by USAS Technologies, is a technology solution that enables Clinics to seamlessly capture, track and analyze every aspect of the patient’s interaction with the Practice. This translates to a more intelligent and efficient Clinical Practice operating on a smart data - enabled platform. Why RAVE? Healthcare is increasingly becoming data driven. While EMRs will always be the core system - they cannot be easily customized, and the one-size-fits-all framework is not aligned with your unique Practice. RAVE captures data that may not be captured in the EMR but is important for your practice and most importantly evolves with your Practice. RAVE is nimble but robust, seamless but secure. Whether it is tracking Referral Pathways, Length of Stay, or Device based metrics – RAVE is tailored to your Practice’s unique data needs.

RADiqleTM - Powered by the Cloud

RADiqleTM is a cloud-based Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) that provides health systems with a secure, seamless and cost effective approach to managing medical images.

What is a VNA? Healthcare disciplines can realize significant advantages by combining all data into implementations of the DICOM standard, both within a discipline (such as between multiple Radiology systems) and across disciplines (such as between Radiology and Cardiology), through which all healthcare personnel can access and use all medical images. This cross-discipline, enterprise archive is called a vendor neutral archive or VNA. Why RADiqle? The RADiqle platform, developed by USAS Technologies, provides your organization with a comprehensive VNA solution, differentiated by a state of the art User Interface built on a best in class technology platform. RADiqle will help your organization realize significant gains in process efficiency, scalability, cost reduction and patient care.


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